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Webpage History

Track surface changes with ease. URLSLAB takes screenshots of your website every minute, compares them for changes, and alerts you if any are detected. See what’s been added or deleted from your website including design elements, texts, links, and more.


URLSLAB monitors the length and width of your website to help determine if any changes have been made. Differences in size could indicate missing images, added texts, padding, and more. The best part? If anything went wrong, our screenshots will help you determine what needs to be added, and where.

Keyword Density

Eliminate keyword dense copy that’s hard to read or understand. Spark your customer’s interest with texts that are fresh, easy to follow, and engaging. URLSLAB scans and analyzes all texts on your websites to provide you with a thorough keyword density report that’s segmented by URL.


Monitor the loading speed of every element on your website. Determine what content needs to be compressed, altered, or eliminated to deliver fast loading speeds, more traffic, and more sales opportunities.

Backlink Monitoring

Keep an eye on your backlinks to prevent negative SEO, broken links, and deleted backlinks from domains you have agreements with. Improve your Google search ranking by eliminating spammy links with URLSLAB today.

Receive Real-Time Updates With Ping Technology

URLSLAB accesses your website every minute to showcase what changes are being made in real-time. See something that you don’t like? Deploy damage control tactics within seconds.

Website optimization for the best results

Noticed that your site had more conversions and created more sales opportunities in a certain time frame?
See what was different, and how you can replicate those results. URLSLAB gives you the freedom to experiment with design elements, new headlines, CTAs, and images.
If your A/B tests don’t bring the results you want, you can easily view your website’s ‘original’ form with just a few clicks and revert back.

Employee tracking

Lacking a holistic overview of what’s happening to your site? Don’t have time to hound down your copywriters, web designers, translators, or content managers? URLSLAB will do the work for you. See what content is added, changed, deleted with ease. Simply click and compare. URLSLAB takes away the guesswork.

Uncover crashes and hacking

Notice suspicious activity before your company’s name, reputation, or SEO ranking is tarnished. Ensure your competitors don’t bring you down using negative keywords and prevent hacked content from appearing on your site. Our notification system is second to none, with a 99.99% uptime.

Easy integration and set up

Set up your URLSLAB data crawling, website monitoring, and tracking system in a matter of minutes. Enjoy higher SEO rankings, more conversions, and sales opportunities. Stay on top of all your website changes starting today.

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