System Requirements 



The URLsLab WordPress plugin works optimally with PHP version 8 or above. However, it is also compatible with PHP 7.4.


The plugin requires MySQL or any clone of this DB. All currently maintained versions are supported.

MariaDB is fully supported as well.

Plugin was tested also on managed Mysql services like AWS Aurora.

Web servers

Plugin, it is designed to function seamlessly with multiple web servers, including Apache and Nginx among others.


Ensure that your WordPress is updated to version 6 or higher.

Server Requirements

URLsLab WordPress plugin strives to use minimal resources during webpage view request execution. Most of the data are pre-calculated by cron in the background (e.g. convert images to webp format). For optimal performance, we suggest setting up a system cron job on your server to perform these tasks in the background.

Though WordPress can run cron during the page view request execution, this is not the most efficient method for your website’s visitors.

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