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URLsLab tool - Search and Replace

Search and Replace Manager

The Search and Replace module is a potent and convenient tool that can save you time and frustration by automatically mass-replacing URLs and content on the fly. This is a great way to resolve any issues with the content quickly. 

Redirects and 404 MonitorPlay video

Enhance your website’s user experience and search engine optimisation with the essential Redirects and 404 Monitor module. Effortlessly identify and resolve 404 errors, maintain your site’s integrity, and keep broken links at bay.


Boost the website’s SEO and internal link building with a complex module for managing keyword linking

URLsLab tool - Custom HTML

Custom HTML InjectionPlay video

The Custom HTML Injection module is a versatile and powerful solution designed to seamlessly integrate custom HTML code into any section of your web page. This invaluable tool is essential for implementing scripts such as Google Tag Manager and other third-party services.

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