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URLSLAB plugin

What is the URLSlab WordPress plugin?

There are many challenges that come with managing modern WordPress websites. The URLSLAB plugin for WordPress is the ultimate companion for improving website speed and scalability, automating SEO, and improving internal link building. Download the plugin for free and start improving all important aspects of your website today.

What can our URLSLAB plugin do for you?

Our free plugin can help you improve your website in many key areas

Improve your ranking

Use our SEO and links automations and rank higher in search engines in no time

Maintain consistency

Focus your links on keywords and make your content more relevant

Enhance your design

Show visitors relevant user interface elements with better content

Streamline your web

Make your website faster with external image storage and improved loading

URLSLAB plugin categories

Discover every feature of URLSLAB plugin for WordPress and see how it can make your work easier

Automate SEO

SEO Automation

Handling SEO manually can prove to be very time-consuming, especially on larger websites. Save time with our plugin that can generate and automatically apply meta descriptions for you. That’s not all, you can also use it to automatically add keywords and enhance the quality of your internal and external links. This automation can also create alt texts for images on your website.

  • Automate your SEO processes and save time
  • Get help with meta descriptions, links, and image alt texts

Improve links

Link building

Keywords are very important, and so are links to internal and external articles. Get assistance with link building, content clusters, and assure consistency across your web. With this plugin, you can simply define which keyword should point to specific links, and automate the entire process. You can also use it to automate content cluster connections.

  • Automate your link building with a simple command
  • Create content clusters automatically and save time

Increase speed

Media management

Website speed is essential for getting a good website rank. URLSLAB plugin can store your images in an external database and deliver them to your customers to make your website lighter. Optimize your images and videos to help them load much faster. Take advantage of lazy image loading or lazy YouTube video loading to make your web faster.

  • Store and optimize your images to make your web lighter
  • Utilize lazy loading of images and YouTube videos

Enhance UI

UI elements

URLSLAB plugin works with FAQs, how-tos, checklists, author info, and content sidebar to help you improve your user interface and improve the user experience. You can also take screenshots of your or other websites to help you easily include them in your content. All it takes is for you to add a simple shortcode to your website and you’re ready to go.

  • Improve your website’s user interface and user experience
  • Take screenshots of various websites easily and effectively

Let's improve your website

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have the answers.
Take a look at the most frequent questions about the URLslab WordPress plugin.

  • What is the URLSLAB WordPress plugin?

    The URLSLAB WordPress plugin is a great tool for optimizing key areas of your website. It serves as an automation tool that can help you perform many tasks faster. You can automate your SEO processes, build better links, make your website faster, or improve your website’s interface.

  • Is the URLSLAB WordPress plugin free?

    URLSLAB plugin comes with a free plan that comes with some limits and no connection to the main URLSLAB services. You can also get a sponsored plan that requires you to meet certain conditions. Last, there’s a paid unlimited plan that comes without any requirements or limits and with a connection to the URLSLAB services.

  • How can you use the URLSLAB WordPress plugin?

    Use it to automate SEO and link building, make your website’s user interface more comprehensive to visitors, or make your website faster. Simply run the desired command and watch how your website transforms according to it.

  • What are the benefits of the URLSLAB WordPress plugin?

    The URLSLAB plugin can save you a lot of time thanks to automation, help you improve your website in many regards, and make it a lot faster than before.