Media management

Make your website run faster with the URLSLAB plugin’s media management features

  • ✓ Use media offload support    
  • ✓ Automate Image resizing    
  • ✓ Utilize Lazy loading    
  • ✓ Make your web faster

Media management features

Make your web run faster and lighten your load with these media management features

External storage

Media Offload with CDN support

Need to lighten your load? Our plugin can download your website’s media, store it in external storage and deliver it to your website visitors. This prevents slow loading speeds and loss of data, and serves as a useful backup option to keep your data safe in the worst case scenario.

  • Improve your load speeds and data safety
  • Store your media safely for data backup

Faster loading

Image size and format optimization

Optimize your image size and format with our optimization feature. URLSLAB can generate WEBP and AVIF image formats with much smaller sizes and send them to the visitor’s browser. That way, you can make your media even lighter and high quality at the same time.

  • Generate lighter AVIF and WEBP images
  • Optimize your web speed even further

Image loading

Image lazy loading

Optimize your image loading with our lazy loading feature. This feature allows images to load only when your website visitors need to see them. This feature saves resources while still allowing your visitors to access the content they need without major limitations.

  • Lazy load website images to improve web speed
  • Save resources without major limitations

Video loading

Youtube lazy loading

URLSLAB WP plugin can also handle YouTube lazy loading. The plugin will load the iframe only when a visitor clicks on it and desires to watch it. Just like with lazy image loading, this feature helps to save resources while providing access to the video content without significant limits.

  • Lazy load YouTube videos to save web loading times
  • Load iframes first and show video on click

Let’s make your web run faster

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have the answers.
Take a look at the most frequent questions about the Media management.

  • How to improve website speed?

    Website speed can be improved in many ways, one of them being media management. Media like images and videos that are large in size can often slow down website loading speeds. With proper media management, resizing, and reformatting of images, you can make your website faster in no time.

  • How to improve web speed via automation?

    Automation of your media management can prove beneficial for website speed. Instead of performing tasks such as resizing, storing, or converting formats manually, you can take advantage of software features that automate these processes for you.

  • Why is website speed important?

    Having a fast loading website improves the user experience and removes user frustration. Users are much more likely to leave a slow loading website, and search for another one with relevant content. Fast loading websites show content quickly and save visitors’ time.

  • How can URLSLAB plugin help with media?

    You can use the URLSLAB WordPress plugin to improve your media loading times thanks to resizing and reformatting, lazy image loading, lazy video loading, and storage on external servers. Your website will become faster in no time.