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SEO automation features

Discover how the URLSLAB plugin can help you automatize your SEO

Alt attributes

Image alt attributes plugin

Image alt texts are used to describe what an image is displaying, and this in turn helps search engine crawlers index images. You don’t have to write every single alt text manually when you use URLSLAB. It can automatically generate texts for you and add them to each image.

  • Automatically generate texts and add them without effort
  • Improve image indexing in less time

Meta descriptions

Meta tag plugin

Automate the process of creating meta descriptions with the URLSLAB plugin. Our plugin can load a page’s meta description, and if it’s missing, it will generate one for you. Save time with this useful automation and create all missing meta descriptions in no time.

  • Find missing meta descriptions in no time
  • Generate missing meta descriptions via automation

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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have the answers.
Take a look at the most frequent questions about the SEO automation

  • What is SEO automation?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) automation allows website owners to automate their SEO processes. This function is a part of a particular type of software or plugins, such as the URLSLAB plugin for WordPress. This function allows users to automatically perform many SEO related tasks in a bulk action without any manual effort.

  • How to use URLSLAB plugin for SEO automation?

    The SEO automation in URLSLAB plugin performs meta descriptions and image alt texts automations. The meta description automation features automatically generates texts and adds them to your website. Image alt texts automation works the same way and adds them to the images on your website.

  • What are the benefits of SEO automation?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is useful because it helps users to automate tasks related to SEO and save plenty of time. These tasks would otherwise have to be performed manually, which can be very time consuming especially on large websites with many elements, media, links, and other types of resources.

  • How is SEO a part of marketing automation?

    SEO is a part of digital marketing that takes care of good website ranking on search engines. SEO automation performs some of these tasks automatically with little or no effort from the marketers, making it a vital part of marketing automation processes.