User interface elements

Enhance your website’s user interface with the URLSLAB plugin

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UI elements features

Learn how to enhance your website’s user interface with these features

Web capture

Screenshot plugin

Enrich your content with relevant website screenshots thanks to a simple shortcode by the URLSLAB plugin. Simply adjust the shortcode, and the plugin will create a screenshot of any website you choose and add it to your website according to the selected parameters.
  • Take screenshots of any website of your choice
  • Automatically add screenshots to your web content

Add screenshots fast and easier

Start taking screenshots easily and use them in your content with the URLSLAB plugin

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have the answers.
Take a look at the most frequent questions about the UI Elements.

  • How can you use screenshots on a website?

    Screenshots can serve many purposes depending on the desired result. They are great for showing digital products or making product comparisons. Screenshots are also often used in guides and how-tos where some situations require showing rather than explaining.

  • How can the URLSLAB plugin help improve your UI?

    If you’re in need of automating your screenshots, URLSLAB is the right tool for the job. It can take and add the screenshots you need via the automation feature. Thanks to a simple code, you don’t have to take screenshots manually anymore.

  • Why are screenshots important in content?

    Screenshots are important because even with the best possible explanation or description, people need to visualize the topic or take a break from reading to keep their attention going. Screenshots are also very important for good website ranking and relevance to search.

  • How to automate screenshots with the URLSLAB plugin?

    Once you install the URLSLAB WordPress plugin, you can find and adjust a specific line of code and set parameters for taking screenshots. The plugin will then take care of screenshotting and adding these screenshots to content automatically.